A dash of relevance made all the difference


Selling new technology, in a very competitive retail environment, by making it relevant.

LG are one of the world’s leaders in home appliance innovation – and their products compete in a very cluttered and highly competitive retail environment.

A constant challenge faced by LG is how to get consumers to understand the benefits of new, unfamiliar and often very technical product improvements.


Everyday Dish provided the perfect vehicle to demonstrate the relevance of LG’s innovative new technologies.

RoycroftBrown wanted to showcase LG’s new range of home products in a way that helped consumers to understand the value of the new and unique technology inherent in each appliance.

To do this we interviewed real customers – everyday time-stressed mums who are cooking, cleaning and entertaining – to understand their real needs and build a clear picture of their purchase triggers.

Part of our solution was the ‘take-over’ of Everyday Dish recipe magazine – a highly targeted, mass circulation and high involvement title. This provide the perfect vehicle to demonstrate, via each new appliance, how LG’s innovative technology could make their lives easier and better.


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