Annual reports don’t sell, they’re just a lot of numbers right?

Depending on your target audience, an annual report can be the company’s best selling tool.

A good example is Metro Performance Glass. Apart from showcasing the vision, values and culture of Metro, their 2015 Annual Report was an opportunity for us to further differentiate Metro from its competitors.

Annual Reports are an underestimated and often overlooked way of selling a company, its culture, its products and services – and perceptions of it as a company to deal with.

In developing Metro’s annual reports, we establish a full understanding of the business, its employees, its vision and brand – and what its fundamentally trying to communicate outside the obvious financial results.

The result is a document that sells much more that a good financial performance. It creates a compelling ‘reason to buy’ for Metro over and above straight product requirements. Everybody loves dealing with a winner, and Metro’s Annual Reports are the perfect way to ‘sell’ them as the best company in NZ to work with.