Annual reports don’t sell, they’re just a lot of numbers right?

Depending on your target audience, an annual report can be the company’s best selling tool.

A good example is Metro Performance Glass. Apart from showcasing the vision, values and culture of Metro, their 2015 Annual Report was an opportunity for us to further differentiate Metro from its competitors.

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Selling an innovative new product to a global market

Les Mills developed a new High Intensity Interval Training programme called GRIT – made up of three primary exercise groupings of cardio, strength and plyometric.

RoycroftBrown’s role was to position and launch the new programme, ensuring it was positioned in such a way as to generate immediate demand and the sale of licence agreements to clubs around the world.

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Some thoughts on the humble brand name and logo

A logo is a logo is a logo right? Wrong.

Often the first interaction a consumer and potential customer has with a company and its brands are its name and logo. And they can be hugely influential in the perception they have of that company and/ or brand. Read more