May 10, 2014 RoycroftBrown

Some thoughts on the humble brand name and logo

A logo is a logo is a logo right? Wrong.

Often the first interaction a consumer and potential customer has with a company and its brands are its name and logo. And they can be hugely influential in the perception they have of that company and/ or brand.


Click to have a closer look at a few that we’ve helped to bring to life.

When it comes to designing strong logos, agencies really need to understand their clients business. The outcome should be directed by the essence of the company and a good understanding of the relationship it has with its customers.

Over the years we have been fortunate to work with a number of companies in the development of their brand naming and logo work and in every case the dynamics and needs differ. So it’s important to have a robust and interrogative methodology to understand the dynamics and needs of the company, its culture, staff, products, services, key stakeholders and customers