Selling new ‘value-add’ products to the hard to sell to

Metro Performance Glass
New product launch

Architects hate being sold to.

Glass is glass is glass right? Well no actually – not any more. Architects and designers need to take into account a whole raft of design and performance criteria when designing for aesthetics, heat, noise, clarity and insulation.

The new Low E range of products (Classic, Plus, Max & Xcel) from MPG allows architects to design for a whole raft of differing conditions, ensuring buildings look great and perform efficiently.

But how to tell this rather technical, complicated story to a customer group who are time –poor and suspicious of being ‘sold to’ by supplier companies?

We adopted a sales strategy of finding an influencer to influence the influencer.

We developed a multi channel marcoms solution that targeted the architectural fraternity from a number of directions – including launching an international guest speaker series, developing a new www site, architectural magazine advertising, product collateral, technical demonstration videos and direct mail.

Click to view in greater detail

Click to view in greater detailBut the most impactful and effective way to influence their thinking and action (ie get them to specify Metro’s LowE products) was to bring internationally recognised architects to NZ – in this case Enrique Norten from TEN Arquitectos in NYC – invite NZ architects to the events and special 1-on-1 dinners, and indirectly tell the Low E story.

The MPG Speaker Series has become a huge success, attended my many of NZ’s most influential and successful architects.




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