Transitioning from manufacturing focussed to sales & marketing led

Metro Performance Glass
Becoming a sales & marketing led company

Metro Performance Glass were previously known as Metro Glass Tech. They were the country’s leading supplier of commoditised glass products to the building and construction industries.

A new CEO and management team took the decision to relaunch the company, with the primary focus being on selling the end customer -architects, builders, fabricators and home owners.

In order to do this, new innovative value-added products – with unique value propositions – were created to differentiate and add value to the MPG product offer.

Further, new business divisions were created to sell and market these new products directly to the end customer We undertook over 60 extensive customer & stakeholder interviews nationally across architects, builders, fabricators and home owners – the purpose being to understand exactly what the end customers need and perceptions of the company were – and what needed to change or be built upon to ensure MPG were differentiated, competitive and ultimately ‘make-the-sale’.

From this a completely new brand repositioning was undertaken, from front-line staff right through to homeowners. This entailed new brand architectures, brand livery and corporate visual strategies and communications strategies across each of the customer segments.


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