Selling new ‘value-add’ products to the hard to sell to

Architects hate being sold to.

Glass is glass is glass right? Well no actually – not any more. Architects and designers need to take into account a whole raft of design and performance criteria when designing for aesthetics, heat, noise, clarity and insulation.

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Transitioning from manufacturing focussed to sales & marketing led

Metro Performance Glass were previously known as Metro Glass Tech. They were the country’s leading supplier of commoditised glass products to the building and construction industries.

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How do you sell a whole suburb?

Hobsonville Point
Situated on an old air force base on the upper Waitemata Harbor, Hobsonville Point is Auckland’s newest and largest new home land development. The scale of the development is impressive. It’s much more than a housing subdivision, it’s a master-planned community with schools, parks, a farmers market and a host of other public amenities that, a decade from now, will be the size of Devonport (3,000 homes), with just as much character and appeal thanks to the heritage buildings and harbourside location.
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