Sometimes the best selling tool is a great endorsement

Metro Performance Glass
Selling Low E by showcasing great NZ design

Architects have an incurable curiosity for ideas and inspiration – and demonstrations of great thinking and product application.

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How do you sell a way of life?

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Hobsonville Point
Point Life Magazine

Buying a new home, whether you be a first home buyer or moving from an existing suburb in the inner city, is a very considered purchase. Home buyers take into account a myriad of considerations – from location, amenities, community, streetscape and built environment to price and affordability.

It’s a complex story and, in order to get someone to commit to purchasing a new home, needs to be told.

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Annual reports don’t sell, they’re just a lot of numbers right?

Depending on your target audience, an annual report can be the company’s best selling tool.

A good example is Metro Performance Glass. Apart from showcasing the vision, values and culture of Metro, their 2015 Annual Report was an opportunity for us to further differentiate Metro from its competitors.

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Selling an innovative new product to a global market

Les Mills developed a new High Intensity Interval Training programme called GRIT – made up of three primary exercise groupings of cardio, strength and plyometric.

RoycroftBrown’s role was to position and launch the new programme, ensuring it was positioned in such a way as to generate immediate demand and the sale of licence agreements to clubs around the world.

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Selling new ‘value-add’ products to the hard to sell to

Architects hate being sold to.

Glass is glass is glass right? Well no actually – not any more. Architects and designers need to take into account a whole raft of design and performance criteria when designing for aesthetics, heat, noise, clarity and insulation.

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A dash of relevance made all the difference


Selling new technology, in a very competitive retail environment, by making it relevant.

LG are one of the world’s leaders in home appliance innovation – and their products compete in a very cluttered and highly competitive retail environment.

A constant challenge faced by LG is how to get consumers to understand the benefits of new, unfamiliar and often very technical product improvements.

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Overcoming barriers to close-the-sale

A very significant part of the James Hardie US revenue and business is generated via the re-cladding of existing homes with James Hardie cladding products. RoycroftBrown created a tablet based sales tool, downloaded via the Apple app store, that enhances the sales process and presents the James Hardie brand in a consistent, compelling way.

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Transitioning from manufacturing focussed to sales & marketing led

Metro Performance Glass were previously known as Metro Glass Tech. They were the country’s leading supplier of commoditised glass products to the building and construction industries.

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